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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 11 Apr 2011

The problem with having a Windows installation disk on a CD or DVD is that the aforementioned CD or DVD could get damaged. You could crack the disk or you could scratch it badly, thus making it unusable. Another problem is that it can be a bother to walk around with a CD or DVD in your pocket – especially when you take into consideration the fact that instead of a cumbersome CD or DVD, you could walk around with a tiny USB drive (or USB stick or Flash drive or whatever else you want to call it).

It is a lot more convenient to walk around with an USB installer for Windows instead of a CD or DVD. USB sticks are easier to carry around and they don’t get scratches on them which make them unusable. Those two facts alone are reason enough for me to want to ditch a Windows CD or DVD and move to an USB stick instead.

There is a very simple way to do so: get the right piece of software and you can easily turn a Windows CD or DVD to an USB installer. That "right piece of software" is the Novicorp-developed and appropriately named WinToFlash. What this application does is it takes the contents of a Windows installation CD or DVD and moves them to an USB stick, turning that stick into a bootable USB installer for Windows. So instead of using a CD or DVD to install the Microsoft-developed Windows operating system, you can use the USB stick instead.

The functionality the WinToFlash has to offer is an exceptional fact on its own. What I also found to be exceptional is the fact that accessing the functionality WinToFlash has to offer is a very straightforward matter. You would think that creating an USB installer to replace your Windows installation disk would be a big pain in the unmentionables and for that reason you would be tempted to avoid performing such a task. You don’t have to stay with your classic Windows installation disk because you think it’s hard to set up an USB installer. The simple truth of the matter is that it is a piece of cake with WinToFlash. The application is user friendly and thanks to its wizard you will be done in no time.

You can use the WinToFlash application to turn pretty much any version of the Windows operation system to an USB installer. You can use it on the old but quite popular Windows XP, you can use it on the much avoided Windows Vista, and you can use it on the latest and greatest, Windows 7. You can also use it on the Server versions of Windows. No matter what Windows installation disk you need to move to an USB stick, one thing remains the same: the WinToFlash application makes is a simple process.

How much do you think WinToFlash will set you back? The answer to that question is “nothing”. You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy the functionality WinToFlash has to offer. You will only have to put up with a few ads; the application is ad-supported.

It must be mentioned here that the application is free only for personal use. If you like WinToFlash and want to support its development, consider getting a Personal License for a mere $5. Get a license and you will no longer see the ads.

IT professionals who need extra features can purchase a Professional License. Businesses who want to use WinToFlash must purchase a Business License.

WinToFlash is a free and easy to use application that does something very useful: it helps you create a bootable USB installer for your Windows operating system. It basically takes your Windows installation disk and ports it to an USB stick.

What we like about WinToFlash

  • Wizard makes it very easy to use the app
  • Create a bootable USB installer for Windows; transfer Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 Setup to a USB drive
  • Works with any Windows version
  • Free (ad-supported)
  • Received numerous rave reviews from the media

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Lite 1.8.0000


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WinToFlash has been reviewed by George Norman on 11 Apr 2011. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated WinToFlash 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential


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